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Social events

4th September 2018

When staying with us you can take part in our social events. We run them almost every day in September. Karen from Hong Kong take you round the city with her guided tours several days a week and you can join Francesco for some bar hopping and free dinner at the bar for example. Hope to see you!!

Making dinner together

14 October 2016

Every week we now make dinner together with our guests. We hope you have joined us? If not there are more chances to come. Meatballs, Italian pasta and French cuisine is something we have made so far. Hope to see you!

New lock system

24 August 2016

We are now replacing all the locks to guestrooms and entrances. Our previous magnetic card system will be updated with a more modern RFID-system. This means that you just hold the key card towards the lock to get in. This is to guarantee best imaginable safety with less possible problems. We will rum both systems at the same time during two weeks.

Refurbished sauna

10 May 2016

Our sauna is now ready for use after some months refurbishing. The entire sauna area has new tiles. paint and furniture. Don´t miss it when you are in town!

 Is there anything you would like to know?

You can reach us by telephone on +46 (0)31-42 65 20 or via email: mail@sov.nu

 Adventures for close to nothing!

Boat tour with Älvsnabben — Make a return trip with Älvsnabben from Lilla Bommen to Klippan simply using a tram ticket. The excursion takes around one hour. Bring a picnic to the roof terrace and enjoy the sights.

Botanical Garden — The largest garden of its kind in the Nordic countries. A beautiful walk with countless plants along the way. Voluntary entrance charge.

Musikens Hus — Live music, poetry slams, dance classes.

Guided bicycle tour — Experience Göteborg from a cycle saddle. On this two-hour ride you’ll find out about the hot-spots in downtown Göteborg, the must-sees and the absolute favourite spots of the locals.

Slottsskogen — Go for a jog, play frisbee golf or beach volleyball, have a barbecue, visit the seals, elks and penguins... or let your children run around on the Plikta playground, Gothenburg’s most popular playground.

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