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Welcome to the lovely linné

  • Many bars & restaurants
  • Slottsskogen & Gothenburg Botanical Garden
  • Styr & Ställ

From us you have walking distance to Gothenburg's largest entertainment area "Linnéstan". Restaurants, bars and cafés are located next to each other along the cozy Långgatorna and parts of Linnégatan. Here you will find street bustle and outdoor cafes that are open until late in the evenings. At most bars you will find locally brewed beer and several serve food for a reasonable penny.

During the day, you will find small, unique shops that are sandwiched between the eateries. If you continue to cozy Haga, it is enough to sit down on a bench and just breathe in the atmosphere. You will find many unique cafes that serve home baked goods. Do not miss the café Husaren which serves cinnamon buns as big as plates.

Next to the hostel is Gothenburg's largest park Slottsskogen where you have large lawns, ponds, restaurants and a free zoo. There are plenty of activities such as mini golf, disc golf, boules, football pitches, outdoor gym and sports fields. Or why not take a jog or walk. You also have a footbridge over Per Dubbsgatan to the Botanical Garden and Änggården.

You can reach a large part of the city's activities on foot, but can also rent a bicycle from us or through the city's loan bicycle system "Styr och Ställ". You also have good communications with public transport from us. Our stop is then called Olivedalsgatan.

Staff favourite spots

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Our story

  • How did it happen
  • TL;DR
  • History in the making

A hostel should be a detached old house. Preferably red with white knots and it should preferably have a large garden. With this picture, the brothers Christian and Fredrik started looking for premises for their future dream company. For almost a year, they walked around the city's properties looking for and talking to landlords. Most of the time, the days ended at the parents' dinner table on Vegagatan. On the ground floor of the neighboring house, there were rooms that had been empty for several years. These had not been given much thought, because it was too close to the nose (Sometimes you can not see the forest for the trees!). Curiosity, however, crept in and after a while they called that number that the sign with "vacant room" referred to. The property owner was interested in the idea and was happy to show the premises. The brothers could immediately see how the heritage premises could be used.

-There we can have breakfast kitchen… and check the paving of gneiss and granite at the entrance! What a grand entrance.

The dream of a future dream company no longer contained an old house with red knots. No, now it was modern office space on "mother's street" that mattered.

As most start-ups can attest, getting started is seldom smooth. The bank does not dare to lend if it has not received a start-up loan. You do not get a start-up loan unless the bank has given a loan promise and the landlord does not dare to sign a contract unless the financing is ready. A classic "moment 22" After countless bank visits, the knot was untied and they were up and running.

On March 15, 1996, the inauguration took place. About thirty guests attended the official opening and champagne and cake were served. When the last guest left, it was just a matter of recharging, because in the evening the big opening party was too close and dear. More than 70 people were to be served food and drink. A little optimistic, they had also received bookings already to this day. The premises were far from finished, as they only had access to them for a couple of days. In the middle of the festivities, residents flocked to. To top it all, Christian had been a father for 30 hours and had his wife lying on BB. There had hardly been any sleep for Christian since the birth. Somehow everything still resolves in the best way and that happened even now.

The journey has gone really well since then. Slottsskogen's hostel is now one of Sweden's absolute best hostels and received proof of this during the years as an STF-affiliated hostel, when we were named Hostel of the Year. Lots of guests attest to the same thing and the ratings on all booking sites on the internet as well.

At the start, the hostel had 96 beds. After several expansions, we now have the capacity to receive over 300 guests in our four buildings. No further expansion is needed, but we always strive to get better. If you have suggestions for improvements, you are more than welcome to let us know.

We hope you enjoy your stay with us. We are more than happy that you have chosen to stay with us!

Christian and Fredrik Dahl with staff


We have a collective agreement and follows industry regulations for the staff to thrive.

Environmental certification and as far as possible we use local suppliers

Accessibility info top


  • Everyone is welcome
  • Always ongoing adjustments

For us, it is important that you feel equally welcome regardless of the type of disability. We have made a number of adjustments to be able to offer good accessibility. In 2021, we will further shift our work to improve the shortcomings we have identified.
I Accessibility Database you have an impression of the status at the beginning of the year.

Environment info top


  • Wind power only
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning
  • Eco-marked breakfast

We always take the concept of sustainable development into account in our work and our decisions. 

Examples of what we’ve achieved:

  • We have stopped using paper towels in the toilets and have fitted environmentally friendly electrical hand dryers instead (which also provide a heating effect a greater part of the year)
  • We have switched to environmentally friendly cleaning fluids and laundry detergent
  • We have replaced nearly all of our showers and water taps with low-flow models
  • We have negotiated with our suppliers and purchase environmentally sound goods and services whenever possible
  • We purchase eco-labelled electricity (wind power from Telge Energi)
  • Our 44 newest rooms are fitted with central circuit breakers that are controlled by the rooms’ key-card. When no one is in the room, the electricity is switched off. This means that the TV and lighting are also switched off when they’re not being used
  • We use Led-lamps wherever possible
  • We recycle worn-out sheets and towels and use them as cleaning cloths
  • We offer an eco-marked breakfast buffet
  • We are a certified bicycle- friendly workplace
  • We have motion detectors in all of the toilets and cleaning rooms so that the lights won’t be left on
  • The corridors use an energy conservation mode during the night

Measures currently underway:

  • We look over our plastic use, for example, we have replaced plastic toothbrushes for bamboo brushes
  • We try to reduce the number of plastic bags by reusing them and completely stop with plastic bags in some rooms
  • We have stopped putting disposable products in our hotel rooms and instead have soap-shampoo machines in these rooms
  • Training our staff in ecological cleaning techniques
  • A wider range of eco-marked products for our breakfast buffet