from sek 250

  • Single room to family room
  • some rooms have toilet & shower
  • round-the-clock guest kitchen
  • Sheets are included
Life should be easy, stay in a Hostel!

Here you do not have to dress up to go to the dining room, but you can be just as nice as you always are. We have guest kitchens in both buildings, where you can swing your own dishes together. In the main buildings you will find our cozy breakfast room, which is also open as a lounge until the wee hours. If you manage to score a day without rain. Then you can also enjoy breakfast or coffee on our outdoor terrace. It is easy to meet other nice guests here, but it is of course just as okay to be on your own.

If you travel yourself, you can save money by staying in a shared room or adding a little neighbor for your own room. We have rooms with 1 to 6 beds where shower and toilet are in the corridor and some rooms with shower and toilet in the room. If you have had enough of the visual impressions of the city, you can choose to stay in a windowless room where you are guaranteed to avoid more views. You both sleep better and make your travel expenses last longer.

Some rooms have a fridge and microwave, which can be good if you are staying for a while.