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Our story

A hostel to us is an old detached house. Preferably a red one with white corners – and a large garden if possible. With this image in mind, brothers Christian and Fredrik started searching for a location for their future dream enterprise. For nearly a year, they looked around among the city’s premises and talked to different landlords. Most often, they ended the day at their parents’ dinner table on Vegagatan. The bottom floor of a neighbouring building had premises that had been empty for years. The brothers had never given the building a thought, it was just too close to home (sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees). But after a while, their curiosity was piqued and they finally called that number from the “for lease” sign. The landlord was interested in their idea and was happy to show them the premises. The brothers immediately saw the potential.

“We could put a kitchen to make breakfast here... and check out the granite gneiss paving by the entrance! What a grand entrance!”

The dream of a future enterprise no longer involved an old red house. Now all they wanted was modern office premises on their mum’s street.

As you know if you’ve ever started a company, it rarely goes without a hitch. The bank is hesitant to lend you money unless you get a start-up loan. You won’t get a start-up loan unless the bank has given you a loan commitment and the landlord won’t sign a contract unless you have the finances in order. A classic catch 22. But after numerous visits to the bank, they solved the puzzle and were off to a start.

Finally, on 15 March 1996, they had the grand opening. Some thirty guests had been invited and there was champagne and cake. When the final guest had left, there was no time to rest as they had a large opening celebration that night for friends and family. They had to provide food and drink for around 70 people. Being a bit optimistic, they had also accepted some bookings for the first day. The premises were far from finished as they had only had access to them for a few days. In the middle of the celebration, guests started to arrive. As if that weren’t enough, Christian was a new father as of 30 hours and his wife was still in the maternity ward. He had barely slept since the birth. But things have a way of working out for the best, and they did this time too.

And it has been a really wonderful journey since then. Slottsskogen Hostel is now one of Sweden’s top hostels, which was evident during our years as an STF hostel, when we were named hostel of the year. Droves of our guests say the same thing, as does our ratings on all the online booking sites.

At the start, the hostel had 96 beds. After several expansions, we now have capacity to receive more than 300 guests in our four buildings. We are not looking to expand any further at the moment, but we are always striving to be better. If you have any suggestions for improvements, please share them with us.

We hope that you enjoy your visit and we are so pleased that you have chosen to stay with us.

Christian and Fredrik Dahl and the staff


We use a collective agreement and follow industry regulations to make sure our staff is happy.

We have an environmental diploma and use local suppliers as much as we can.

 Is there anything you would like to know?

You can reach us by telephone on +46 (0)31-42 65 20 or via email: mail@sov.nu

 Adventures for close to nothing!

Boat tour with Älvsnabben — Make a return trip with Älvsnabben from Lilla Bommen to Klippan simply using a tram ticket. The excursion takes around one hour. Bring a picnic to the roof terrace and enjoy the sights.

Botanical Garden — The largest garden of its kind in the Nordic countries. A beautiful walk with countless plants along the way. Voluntary entrance charge.

Musikens Hus — Live music, poetry slams, dance classes.

Guided bicycle tour — Experience Göteborg from a cycle saddle. On this two-hour ride you’ll find out about the hot-spots in downtown Göteborg, the must-sees and the absolute favourite spots of the locals.

Slottsskogen — Go for a jog, play frisbee golf or beach volleyball, have a barbecue, visit the seals, elks and penguins... or let your children run around on the Plikta playground, Gothenburg’s most popular playground.

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